Module System

Bending Machine


  • The Bended Lamination System is generally used for flexible OLED panel production. The system bends and bonds PAD/COF/FPCB to flexible OLED panel.


  • High-Accuracy: Servo + Vision
    Panel Supply Type: In-line or Tray Loader
    Foam Supply Type : Roll Type or Tray Loader
    High-Performance: 4 Bending Process
    Accuracy Inspection Function


  • -Applicable Substrate Size

    1.5” ~ 9.7”

    -Tact Time

    4.5sec (8.5”)

    -Align Type

    W/A : Vision Align(Mark)

    Foam : Vision Align(Edge)


    Foam Attach: X,Y=±100um

    Bending Attach: X,Y=±100um

    -Bending Type

    A: Vacuum JIG & Vision revision

    B: Divider + Clamp & Vision revision

    -Foam Supply Type

    A: Roll Type

    B: Tray Type