Ceiling Transfer(OHCV)


  • OHCV-1500 is a device that transfers glass and panel in casette unit before and after display manufacturing and is applied to loading and moving between stockers.


  • - ECO Technology and Quick Stop
    + Slow stop function with Power Off power-off compensation while driving
    + Output UP function with regenerative power and Converter power savings
    - Design for Ceiling Transfer
    + Compact structure with minimum height (Rail~Safety: 400mm)
    + Stability of Scissors Type
    + Prevent foreign substances from scattering by applying Clean
    + Contactless power supply (HID)


  • -Transfer Weight: 100 ~ 1500kg
    -Clean Class: 10 Class (0.3㎛ size base)
    -Movement Axis: UP & Down / Traveling (X) / Turning
    -Up / Down Speed: MAX. 3 m / min, Min. 0.5 m / min
    -Traveling speed: MAX. 100 m / min, Min. 5 m / min
    -Turning speed: MAX. 100deg / sec