Sputtering System

In-line Vetical Dynamic Sputter (SuVas-VD Series)


  • LSF Series is equipment for depositing oxide and metal materials in a vacuum state on large area substrate for color filter manufacturing


  • -Vertical In-line Type
    -Optimized design reduces equipment weight and minimizes foot print
    -Minimize particles inside chamber through non-contact conveying system
    -Possible to form multi layer
    -Improved thin film quality and maximizes target use efficiency by moving magnet of Cathode part


  • -Substrate size: 8th generation glass or more
    -Tact Time: within 35sec (C / F dynamic type)
    -Deposition materials: ITO, SIO, TIO, ZnO, CrOx, AZO, GZO, IGZO
    -Power source: DC, Pulsed DC or MF
    -Thickness uniformity: ± 5% or less (dynamic type)
    -Surface resistance: ± 12 % Within -Heating temperature: 250 ° C (Based on substrate temperature)
    -Heating temperature uniformity: Within 15 ° C