OLED System

OLED Encapsulation System


  • OEC Series equipment used in the production process of OLEDs by plasma-treated cover-glass and organic-material coated substrate capsules to prevent oxidation of H2O and O2


  • - Configuration: Octagonal Cluster Chamber, Hexagonal Glove Box, Plasma Treating Machine, Getter Attacher, Seal Dispenser, UV Chamber, and Return, and Conte
    - Adjust H2O and O2 inside the chamber using a gas purifier.
    - Dual mass production mode: UV curing mode with liquid sealant and laser sealing mode with Ffrit sealant.
    - Vacuum parts: Dry pump + Booster pum


  • -Response board size

    Max 2,940 X 3,370mm (G10.5)

    -Ultimate Pressure [Chamber]

    ≤8E-3Torr or ≤5E-6Torr (within 12 hours)

    -H2O, O2 ppm [N2 Box]

    ≤1 ppm (within 4 hours)

    -Laminar Flow [N2 Box]

    Airflow speed 0.3 - 1 m/sec

    -Leak Rate [N2 Box]