Horizontal In-Line System


  • SuVAS™ H-Series are used to deposit thin-film layers, such as back electrode, CIG precursor, and TCO layers. The equipment operates with dual glass loading technology and cylindrical cathodes.


  • Horizontal in-line type system
    Minimizing particles inside the chamber
    Simplified distributing using non-carrier transfer system
    Maximizing the efficiency of target usage and improving quality of thin-film by target rotation and moving the magnet on the cathode part
    Dual glass loading technology and cylindrical cathodes
    High throughput and extended target utilization rate.


  • -Applicable Substrate Size

    Max Gen 8th Substrate

    -Tact Time

    Within 60sec

    -Target Materials

    Ag, Al, Al2O3, AlNd, AZO, CIGS, Cr, Cu, CuGa, CuIn, GZO, IGZO, In, ITO, IZO, Mo, MoTi, MoW, Ni, Se, SiO2, TiO2, ZnO

    -Power Source

    DC, Pulsed DC or MF

    -Thickness Uniformity (%)

    Within ±5%

    -Sheet Resistance Uniformity

    Within ±12%

    -Heating Temp

    Max 250℃ (Based on substrate temp.)

    -Heating Temp. Uniformity

    Within ±15℃