Sputtering System

Vertical Cluster Sputter (SuVas-CV Series)


  • SuVas-CV series is used for electrode layer process of LCD or OLED panel production by sputtering oxide or metal material on medium size substrate.


  • -Cluster vertical type
    -Minimizes installation space and weight of equipment throughout the optimized design
    -Minimize particles inside the chamber using a non-contact transfer system
    -Can form multiple layers in one process cycle
    -Maximize target efficiency and improve thin film quality by moving magnet in cathode


  • -Applicable Substrate Size: Standard G6 Substrate
    -Tact time: within 50 seconds (based on 2 steps) / within 120 seconds (based on 3 processes)
    -Target materials: metals (Ag, Al, Ti, Mo, etc.), ITO
    -Power: DC, Pulsed DC Power
    -Thickness uniformity: less than 5%
    -Sheet resistance: within ± 10%
    -Heating temperature: 230 ℃ (based on the substrate high temperature), 60 ℃ (based on the substrate low temperature)
    -Temperature uniformity: less than ± 5%