OLED System

OLED TFE In line System


  • OEC Series is an equipment used in the production process of OLED by cover-glass and organic-material coated substrate capsule to prevent oxidation of H2O and O2.


  • -Composition: an Octagonal Cluster Chamber (including vaccum transfer robot), Hexagonal Glove Box
    (including ATM transfer robot), Plasma treating machine, Getter attacher, Seal dispenser, UV assembler, and Return Conveyor
    -Control of H2O and O2 inside the chamber using a gas purifier
    -Dual production mode: UV curing mode using liquefied sealant and laser sealing mode using frirt sealant
    -Vacuum parts: Dry pump + Booster pump


  • - SIZE : 730mm X 460mm
    - Tact Time : 3.5min
    - Cover Material : Glass
    - No. of Substrate Loading : 48pcs. (24pcs. X 2 Stocker)
    - Process Circumstance : H2O < 1ppm, O2 < 10ppm
    - Encapsulation Accuracy : ± 7㎛ 이내
    - UV Degree : ± 5% 이내 (based on substrate area)
    - Glass Transfer : Robot and Magnetic Roller