AVACO Research lab promotes R&D with the goal of localizing core technologies in various industries and securing advanced technology. We are making our effort to localize the core technologies of the high-tech industry such as semiconductor, battery, micro-electronics, 3D printing, solar cell, and flexible display. AVACO research lab will contribute to the development and localization of the high-tech manufacturing equipment in future through constant innovation.

New Business
Development of semiconductor process/ equipment technology
Development of technology of the energy area
Isotopic battery/ solid-state secondary battery
Development of coating technology/equipment for steel industry
Development of the oxide TFT element inspection system
Clean FA
Development of super large size (Gen.10) to increase the production
Particle prevention structure
High-precision position control technology
Non-contact power supply technology
High hard surface treatment technology
Vacuum Technology
Large chamber production technology
Cathode-related manufacturing technology
Vacuum-related driving technology
Particle control technology
Film uniformity securing technology
Organic deposition control technology
National Policy Project
Development of isotopic battery manufacturing technology/equipment
Development of NFS-RTP for CIGS solar cell manufacturing
Solid-state secondary battery manufacturing process
Development of plasma monitoring technology and process gas association control technology