CEO Message

Leading company in technology innovation

  • AVACO is now the leading equipment maker in the FPD (Flat Panel Display), semiconductor, PV and the thin film market.
  • CEOKim Kwang-Hyun

AVACO provides specialized equipment in the FPD (Flat Panel Display) production. The emphasis on continuous research and development and innovations offered much growth for AVACO as an advanced equipment maker.

Additionally, with the accumulated knowledge in the vacuum thin-film deposition technology and system engineering, AVACO expands its scope towards semiconductor, battery, micro-electronics, 3D printing, solar cell, and flexible display industries

Thorough dedication of service, we are determined to provide great quality and value to our customers.

In response to our customers' trust and loyalty, AVACO will give every effort for continuous improvement. We invite you to be a witness and be part of our growth and progress.
Thank you.