AVACO Institute promotes the research and development actively aiming at the localization of core technologies of diverse industries and securing advanced technology. We are making our effort to localize the core technologies of the high-tech industry such as semiconductor, battery, micro-electronics, 3D printing, solar cell, and flexible display. AVACO Institute will contribute to the development and localization of the high-tech manufacturing equipment in future through constant innovation.

New Business
Development of semiconductor process/ equipment technology
Development of technology of the energy area
Isotopic battery/ solid-state secondary battery
Development of coating technology/equipment for steel industry
Development of the oxide TFT element inspection system
Clean FA
Development of super large size (Gen.10) to increase the production
Particle prevention structure
High-precision position control technology
Non-contact power supply technology
High hard surface treatment technology
Vacuum Technology
Large chamber production technology
Cathode-related manufacturing technology
Vacuum-related driving technology
Particle control technology
Film uniformity securing technology
Organic deposition control technology
National Policy Project
Development of isotopic battery manufacturing technology/equipment
Development of NFS-RTP for CIGS solar cell manufacturing
Solid-state secondary battery manufacturing process
Development of plasma monitoring technology and process gas association control technology