Management Philosophy

  • The management policy of an enterprise can be varied depending on where the enterprise places the existence value of the enterprise.
  • We think that AVACO exists because there are the customers who need AVACO and watch it with affection. So, we, AVACO, are always promoting the business for the customer satisfaction at the position of customer under following 3 management policies.

Leading company in technology innovation

AVACO’s management philosophy dedicates, “To go one step further in serving our customers”

인사말 1. Focus on the basics, Thorough to the basics
By thoroughly complying with the basic matters that must be observed in the process of work and human relationship, we try to enhance trust and credibility and get close to customers.
인사말 2. Providing valuable services for the customers
AVACO will give every effort to bring highest value and satisfaction to our customers.
인사말 3. Pursuing outcome maximization
Through maximizing our potential, AVACO will serve more customers effectively, while being responsible for the wellness of our employees and our community.