Ideal Talent

AVACO is composed of the people who want to make everything together.
  • “Our most valuable resources are talented persons”
  • AVACO Co., Ltd. is looking for the talents having open mind, passion and sound thinking under the belief that the talents are the source of the business competitiveness. To secure the competitive advantage and to realize the world best equipment company in the global era, we have the principle of personnel management that the competence of the individual and the organization is exerted to maximum through granting the equal opportunity to the entire executives and employees, and the reasonable and fair treatment according to the ability and the performance.

Open-minded person

  • All the people that I contact are my customer.
  • To give the satisfaction and to move the customer, you should accept what the customer thinks and can consider the customer's mind.
  • AVACO is looking for open-minded person.

The person having fervent passion

  • We are living in the era that only the real professional can survive.
  • AVACO is waiting for the person who really loves what he/she is doing, makes his/her best and has fervent passion that takes the responsibility for the given jobs.

The person who knows how to love

  • We are living in the world where everyone is living taking care of each other.
  • Those who love themselves, family and know how to share the love with the colleague and neighbors will make this world happy.
  • AVACO wants the person who can share the love together.

Welfare Benefits

  • 특별포상 Special Reward

    Reward the long-term employed personnel (Provide overseas travel ticket)

    Diverse rewards system such as model employee, excellent team, etc.

  • 인사말 Health and Medical Service

    Perform regular health examination to prevent the disease and for healthy life

  • 생활안정지원 Others

    Operate in-house restaurant (provide lunch/dinner)

    operate car pool system

    pay the welfare benefit

    diverse and wide range welfare systems are being operated

  • 생활안정지원 Culture and Leisure

    Use of condominium (resort)

    In-house athletic meet

    Support club activity

    Provide the culture gift certificate on the wedding anniversary
    and the movie ticket on the employment anniversary

    Work 5 days a week and grant the annual leave

    Hold the workshop by semester

    Operate gym (various exercise equipments and table-tennis table are furnished)

  • 생활안정지원 Support stable life

    Four social insurances (Health Insurance, National Pension, Occupational Health and Safety Insurance, Unemployment Insurance)

    Support the children's educational expenses

    Support the family event

    Provide the dormitory

    Present gift

    Support the use of maternity leave

Recruitment Information

  • We are the manufacturer specialized in the equipment that develops the core equipment for FPD (flat panel display, which is the next generation national strategic industry.
  • We are recruiting the personnel for following areas and ask the participation of the creative and challenging persons
Area Number Persons Recruited Qualification and Conditions
Device Design 0 persons Those who have 3D skill are preferred
Control Design 0 persons Those who have experience in relevant area are preferred
Technical Sales 0 persons Those who have experience in relevant area are preferred
Production Management 0 persons Those who have experience in relevant area are preferred
Quality Control 0 persons Those who have experience in relevant area are preferred
Material Management 0 persons Those who have experience in relevant area are preferred
Equipment Assembly 0 persons Those who can interpret the drawing are preferred
Applicant for new employee : No experience
Career applicant : Preferential treatment will be given for those who have 3 years of experience in the relevant area and for those who can speak foreign language (English, Japanese, Chinese)
Documents for Submission
Application form/ self-introduction/ career certificate (only for the related person)
Due Date
Always accept the application – end date in the recruitment notice
1st Document Screening : Resume, self-introduction
2nd Interview : Transcript, Graduation Certificate, Resident Registration Certificate
3rd Physical Examination
Acceptance and Inquiry
Place for application : AVACO Management Support Team(1107 Wolam-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu-si)
Method : E-MAIL ( or registered mail or FAX
Contact : 053-583-8150 / FAX : 053-588-9229