Module System

POL Attacher


  • LPA-4700 is used to attach Polarizer to LCD panels cleaned with a roller
    The instrument includes a protection film peeler for the vision aligner and polarizer.


  • -In-line type
    -Apply EFU to maintain cleanliness
    -Improved peeling ability by corner peeling method
    -Attaching type: Roller attaching type, Drum attaching type
    -Automatic supply to TAB Bonding System for LCD panel


  • -Panel Size: 4.0 “~ 72.0” W
    -Panel Thickness: 0.4 ~ 2.2mm (t)
    Tact Time: 9.5 sec (10.4 "base), 9.5 sec (17.3" base), 9.5 sec (23 "base), 10.5 sec (32" base), 14.5 sec (47 "base), 19.0 sec (55" sec) ), 50sec (72 “base)
    -Accuracy: X = ± 0.1mm (Machine Accuracy, Without Material Accuracy), Y = ± 0.1mm (Machine Accuracy, Without Material Accuracy)
    MCLT: 5min (Return MC, with two operators)