Ceiling Transfer(OHTA)


  • OHTA-200 is a device that transfers panels in the post-manufacturing process to a cassette unit, and is applied to loading and transferring port parts between processes.


  • - EDCL and safety functions
    + Slow stop function with Power Off power-off compensation while driving
    + Output UP function with regenerative power and Converter power savings
    + Slowly stop the machine in case of a sudden power failure to minimize impact on operating parts as a compensation for power shortage

    - Apply Clean Class 10 technology
    + Driving Wheel Particle Scatter Prevention (Wheel inside FAN) function
    + Oil Seal & O-Ring protects against foreign substances (maximizing configuration parts quality)

    - Double Load Prevention for Cassette Protection (Dual Detection Sensor)


  • -Transfer Weight: 50 ~ 200kg
    -Arm Stroke: 500 ~ 1100mm
    -Clean Class: 10 Class (0.3㎛ size base)
    -Movement Axis: UP & Down / Traveling (X) / Clamping
    -Up / Down Speed: MAX. 25 m / min
    -Traveling speed: MAX. 60m / min