Sputtering System

Loader System


  • A return system that combines/disconnects substrates into the carrier and injects/discharges into the deposition equipment for processing.


  • - Board - Horizontal and Vertical Transformation, Carrier - Vertical Return
    - Carrier Automatic Replacement System Based on Usage
    - Minimize particles by applying a non-contact return system
    - Optimized simulation link design minimizes structure deflection (Max 0.1mm)


  • - Size of substrate response

    Max 2,940 X 3,370mm (G10.5)

    - Tact Time: Equal Accuracy based on deposition equipment

    Level Accuracy: ≤±1mm / Index Repetability: ≤±0mm

    - Configuration

    Glass Loader/Unloader, Glass Handling Robot, Carrier Station, Transfer Station, Magazine, Safety Fence