OLED System

OLED Vacuum Transfer System


  • This system is a large-area deposition equipment that can deposit OLED organic materials on large area glass through linear deposition source, rather than organic point evaporator composed of existing point deposition sources.


  • -Inter-back type equipment consisting of loader, load-lock chamber, and process chamber
    -Process is progressed on the carrier by combining mask and glass
    -Linear deposition source under Process Chamber moves forward / backward
    -Vaccum Pump consists of Low Vacuum for Dry + Booster Pump and High Vacuum for TMP and Cryo Pump


  • -Substrate Size: Max G5 (1,500 X 1,850mm)
    -Driving method: Carrier is driven on the roller.
    -Base vacuum degree: Load-lock Ch 2.0E-6Torr, Process Chamber 8.0E-7Torr