Cluster System (Horizontal Type)


  • SuVAS™ C-Series are used for solar cell production process by coating oxide (TCO layer and buffer layer) and metallic materials (back electrode) on large size substrate.


  • Horizontal cluster type system
    Minimizing the footprint and weight of the equipment throughout optimized design
    Capable of forming multiple layers in one process cycle
    Maximizing the efficiency of target usage and improving quality of thin-film by moving the magnet on the cathode part


  • -Applicable Substrate Size

    Max Gen 6th Substrate

    -Tact Time

    Within 80sec

    -Target Materials

    Ag, Al, Al2O3, AlNd, AZO, CIGS, Cr, Cu, CuGa, CuIn, GZO, IGZO, In, ITO, IZO, Mo, MoTi, MoW, Ni, Se, SiO2, TiO2, ZnO

    -Power Source

    DC, Pulsed DC or MF

    -Thickness Uniformity

    Within ±10%

    -Sheet Resistance Uniformity

    Within ±12%

    -Heating Temp

    Max 250℃ (Based on substrate temp.)

    -Heating Temp. Uniformity

    Within ±15℃