Furnace System


  • The furnace thermally processes batches of glass solar circuits in a controlled atmosphere of inert and reactive gasses. The thermal profile consists of programmable heat and cool ramp rates and dwell times. And the majority of the process time is spent at a pressure below atmospheric to prevent accidental release of the process gasses. The furnace shall provide a uniform gas velocity across all surfaces of the process substrates.


  • Batch System
    No glass Damage or deformation(Warp free technology)
    Safety Protocols for Hydrogen Selenide (H2Se) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
    Complete Chamber sealing for ambient control & safety
    Heater design to control the uniformity of temperature


  • -Application

    Thermal process on glass substrate

    (Sulfurization after Selenization)

    -Substrate Size ()

    1,650 × 650 (Max t=3),

    Max 48panels

    -Process Tube Size ()

    Φ 1,000(D) × 2,000(L)

    -Heating Temperature ()

    Max 600

    -Temperature Uniformity (%)

    Within ± 5


    Forced convection type